ECMN Research Forum Glasgow 2016
to May 6

ECMN Research Forum Glasgow 2016

  • 69 Oakfield Avenue Glasgow, G12 8LP United Kingdom (map)
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Photo credit: Keith Wilson

The Early Career Mind Network Research Forum at the University of Glasgow will be held in the Reid Room.

Provisional Programme

DAY ONE: 5 May 2016

12:30–13:30 Jonathan Farrell, Something It Is Like and Awareness of Conscious States

13:30–14:30 Roly Perera, The Virtual Cartesian Theatre

14:30–15:00 Break

15:00–16:00 Keith Wilson, Is There an Auditory Field?

16:00–17:00 Oliver Rashbrook-Cooper, Unity of ‘Experiences’

17:00–17:30 Break

17:30–18:15 Training session (David Bain)

18:15–18:30 Closing remarks (Alisa Mandrigin)

18:30–19:30 Drinks at The Ubiquitous Chip

19:30: Dinner at The Hanoi Bike Shop


DAY TWO: 6 May 2016

10:00–11:00 Thomas Hodgson, The Alleged Transparency of Propositional Structure

11:00–11:30 Break

11:30–12:30 Bolesław Czarnecki, How to Reactivate Active Externalism?

12:30–13:30 Bryony Pierce, Grounding Reasons for Action

13:30–14:30 Lunch

14:30–15:30 Ivan Ivanov, Grounding Observational Concepts

15:30–16:30 Ed Nettel, Discriminability and Knowledge Transmission

The local organiser for this event is Keith Wilson.


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